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Dating Ukraine

One day I finally concluded that I am not that young any more. I am not old either, but that bar-hopping new-friends-meeting period has come to an end. I just stopped seeing that enthusiasm in attractive brunettes' eyes – not that they would turn away from me, but they aren’t very thrilled to see me either.


I can sure understand them – I am in my mid-forties after all. The dating currency I used to use for my adventures, - which was good looks plus a decent sense of humor has been tumbling on the New York Dating Exchange. Yes, I could still go out with a woman my age, but do I want to?


I started facing a problem that virtually any man faces when grey hair becomes a reality – you consider the women who are willing to date you too as old and younger women you find attractive aren't rushing to jot your phone number down.


How do you call this syndrome? Mid-life crisis, right? Yes, sure, here is my definition of mid-life crisis – it is when you don’t want to date women who like you and can’t date the ones you like.


There must be a solution – I knew it. There should be a place on this planet where my age would not be such a serious problem as it is here and I have found it.


Ukraine. This is the country where anything goes and where dating a 22-year old does not pose a problem even for a man who has not amassed riches in this life - your dating dollar goes a long way there.


Since they abolished visas going to Kiev is as simple as jumping on a plane - the only thing you need is your passport. I do not stop in Kiev though – there are far better places and some hidden gems that are awaiting me.


It is the Crimea. What a lovely place – great nature, warm climate, a little run-down, yet so charming. Yalta, Alupka, Simeiz, Sevastol are very close to each other and you can hop between those as you please. There will be many cute faces you will see there – it is hard to describe how many.


For the first time I went there several years ago and I never regretted it. The knowledge of Russian definitely helps - they speak Russian there, not Ukrainian. Going on a date with a twenty-three year old  woman is as easy as picking up a Coke at Winnie-Dixie here in Florida – it is a reality.


Your accent works to your advantage – they are eager to meet foreigners - in a way they are still so shut down from the rest of the world and there is a fair degree of curiosity. Then, of course, they are always entertaining this idea of marrying a foreigner and setting off to a far-away land. Yes, they may find you financially attractive – it is true, but there is still such thing as true romance and genuine interest. Your age is no longer a complete disaster, they’ll make sure it isn’t.


And here comes the good news: they are attractive. They have charming bodies, long legs and warm eyes. You do see interest in those young eyes, a lot of it.


Getting a date is as easy as one, two three. The best city is Sevastopol, although Yalta has a better climate - but it is not that important. There are more women in Sevastopol than in any other place I have seen – I do not know what the truth is behind it, but there are more women than men, - period. Local guys just don’t seem to care – they are too busy drinking their vodka and you shouldn’t see them as competition – very far from that. You will see other competition – women would fight for you, as you are something they all have been looking for.


This is truly a man’s paradise – some have understood it – there are Germans, Norwegians even a few Americans who have moved there. They like this process of selecting their better half so much that they live there for years without marrying anyone – I can understand them – the choice is endless.


This is what I have decided – it is better to keep it as it is and not to rush to bring one here. First, you never know if she is so in love with you because of who you are or because of your passport – it is better not to test it. This is the pitfall many guys fall into, - my advice – don’t rush, there is a better way to do it – go there, spend a month or two, get the share of female attention you deserve and hop back to Florida or Wisconsin if this is where you are from. Hasty decisions turn sour sometimes, as you might be aware.


Those are romance tours, not marriage tours. A couple of my friends went on organized marriage tour to Ukraine and I do not think they even got past that meat-market mentality that prevails in those tours. Don't go in a group, go by yourself, it is not that scary there - it can and has been done. There are more and more young people who speak English - you would be surprised how many.


This is how I solved my aging problem. I spend winters here in Florida and go there for the summer. It is not any worse there than in Greece or Turkey – there is plenty of sun and warm sea and beach-hopping with a young smiley creature is something you might not get in Turkey or Greece – there it is a sure "yes", not a vague "maybe".


I do not plan to marry anytime soon – I am still in search mode. When you take this "marriage" out of equation, you get all the pluses of a young bachelor, as if those years have not run you over as they in fact did.

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